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The Conquer Team

Rowan Bate – Founder & Brisbane South Manager

Office: 3399 1226            Mobile: 0408 016 090

Email: rowan@conquertermites.com.au 

PMT 0-13437

Since moving to Brisbane in 1994, Rowan has been involved in the termite business. To his vast field experience, he adds a Cert IV in pest management, the highest industry qualification. But it’s the challenge of finding termites and the passion of offering the best advice to customers that drives him.
Rowan is regularly asked to talk on Channel 9 and 7 TV news about termite issues.  Recently Rowan was requested to conduct a seminar at the Queensland Institute of Architects to discuss termite proofing and the Building Code requirements. In December 2015 Rowan, along with Al Ferguson, was asked to talk on ABC 612 about issues with black ants in homes.

He’s our know it all guy!

He is also known to find the best coffee shops and cafes on the South-side.


Al Ferguson – Brisbane North Manager

Office: 0437 655 801           Mobile: 3356 8801

Email: al@conquertermites.com.au 

PMT 0-13735

Alan has lived in South East Queensland all his life, moving to Brisbane 19 years ago. He has a strong science background, having worked for CSIRO for 9 years as a research scientist.

Al and (his long suffering) wife have four children, yet he still manages to find the time to coach a Hockey team(s). Al is passionate about the termite business. He meets “lovely people” at their homes every day for work, and can either confirm that their home is free of termites, or in the one in five homes where active termites are found, “we can show people how to solve the problem”.

Nick Wood – Brisbane South Central – Southern Suburbs Manager

Office: 3343 3934           Mobile: 0432 721 715

Email: nick@conquertermites.com.au 

PMT 0-15203

Nick is the manager of all suburbs from Acacia Ridge to Rochedale, down to Beenleigh and across to Browns Plains. He is quickly building a reputation as one of the best operators in the Southern suburbs through his trustworthiness and reliability to deliver a practical solution to homeowners with termite problems.

Nick and his wife, Amanda, have two beautiful baby girls and one crazy dog.

Dave Bell – Gold Coast & Hinterland Manager

Mobile: 0459 166 396

Email: david@conquertermites.com.au 

PMT 0-14484

Homeowners on the Gold Coast & Hinterland are blessed to have such an experienced and enthusiastic operator such as David Bell to call upon. With over a decade of inspecting and treating homes in Brisbane for Conquer Termites, David can now use his vast expertise and know how for Gold Coast customers to benefit from.

David and his wife, Akane, have a handful in their beautiful daughter, Archie and two little dogs.

Andy Clarkin – Field Technician

Mobile: 0433 746 333

Email: andy@conquertermites.com.au 

PMT 0-14639

Andy joined Conquer Termites in February 2008. In April 2011 Andy moved to Taigum and started working for Conquer Termites North-side. Andy enjoys meeting new people and providing them with options to treat their homes for termites. His passion at Conquer Termites is making people feel safe and secure in their own home.

Andy and his wife, Kym, have a gorgeous daughter named Emma, whom they dote on and also have another baby on the way.

Joel Mitchell – Field Technician

Mobile: 0430 606 236

Email: joel@conquertermites.com.au 

PMT 0-11381

In April 2009, Joel joined Conquer Termites North-side. He is a self confessed “termite nerd” and loves working on challenging and complex pest control issues for our customers.

Joel and his wife, Melissa, have two very well behaved, young boys.

Daniel Kemp – Field Technician

Mobile: 0448 096 838

Email: dan@conquertermites.com.au 

 PMT 0-13346

With a number of years of termite and pest control experience, Dan joined Conquer Termites in March 2012, and has been a real asset. He excels at finding the right solution for each and every homeowner.

Dan and his wife, Denae, have two children and a new little furry baby called Pepper.

_MG_9743a - ResizedAlex Koklas – Field Technician

Mobile: 0478 565 162

Email: alex@conquertermites.com.au 

PMT 0-2003-927513

In September 2013, Conquer Termites brought Alex on board. He has survived his first year with Conquer Termites now, and we are proud to say he is an excellent part of the team. He really enjoys meeting new people and helping them with any pest control issues they may have around the house.

_MG_9779a - Resized

Paul Murphy – Field Technician

Mobile: 0403 965 390

Email: paul@conquertermites.com.au 

PMT 2004254714

Paul joined Conquer Termites in August 2014. He has past experience in termite management and pest control and has slotted into the team very well. Paul has been working closely with our senior technicians and is looking forward to getting out and meeting our customers and solving any issues they may have with termites around the home.

_MG_9758a - Resized

Kuy Rider – Office & Sales Manager

Mobile: 0433 257 237

Email: kuy@conquertermites.com.au 

Kuy began working for Conquer Termites in February 2014. She has been in the pest industry for almost 5 years and really enjoys working with Conquer Termites technicians and customers. Kuy splits her time up between offices and can take bookings for any area, North Brisbane through to the Gold Coast.

Kuy and her husband, Dave, have two dogs and a horse.

alex-b-photoAlex Burgoyne- Brisbane South Central – Field Technician

Office: 3343 3934           Mobile: 0466 823 102

Email: alex.b@conquertermites.com.au 

PMT 1005 731 316

Alex has benefited by being fully trained within the Conquer company to the high standards expected at all times. He has a passion to deliver thorough and excellent service. His pleasant quiet character disguises his enthusiasm to kill bugs!



    Get to know the team


 What do you enjoy about your job?

 Rowan  Meeting and talking to customers.
 Andy  Being faced with a challenge and working it out.
 Al  Replacing that nagging doubt with peace of mind.
 Joel  I like being smarter than something – even if it’s an insect (plus all of the above).
 Nick  Being on the road and never stuck in a hot factory.
 Dave  Meeting people, problem solving and having quality tools…….mmmm…tools.
 Dan  Being out on the road meeting people, not being stuck in an office.
 Alex  There’s always new things to learn or discover, you’ll never know it all.
 Paul  Meeting great people too.
 Kuy  Variety and talking to lovely customers.

 What’s your favourite food?

 Rowan  My wife’s chicken curry & chocolate.
 Andy  Thai food.
 Al  Thai red curry duck.
 Joel  Indian Food.
 Nick  Chinese Food.
 Dave  Japanese food or really anything that I didn’t cook.
 Dan  Steak – medium rare with mushroom sauce.
 Alex  The folks make an incredible Peking duck! It can’t be beat.
 Paul  Patagonian Toothfish, grilled.
 Kuy  Pizza – home made.

Who do you most admire?

 Rowan  Sir Edmond Hillary – he got there first.
 Andy  My family – they always pull through no matter what.
 Al  Fred Hollows – he continues to make a difference.
 Joel  My wife.  She hasn’t killed us yet.  She’s thinking about it though.
 Nick  My wife. She hasn’t asked for a divorce yet.
 Dave  The Beatles (says the pest controller).
 Dan  My son, has had a really rough time medically. He’s a Trooper.
 Alex  My family – they’ve always set a great example.
 Paul  Homer Simpson.
 Kuy  My mum.

Which sports team makes you shout the most?

 Rowan  The mighty All Blacks.
 Andy  The Cowboy’s.
 Al  The Kookaburras – Australian Men’s Hockey Team.
 Joel  Queensland State of Origin Team.
 Nick  The Broncos.
 Dave  My Cronulla Sharks because they never win.
 Dan  Wallabies, it’s been a bit hard lately.
 Alex  Good old Collingwood forever!
 Paul  All Blacks.
 Kuy  Whichever team that Billy Slater plays for.

What Brisbane restaurant would you recommend dining in?

 Rowan  Wagaya in the Valley. You can order from a screen next to the table.
 Andy  Customs House restaurant Queen Street, Brisbane.
 Al  Chez Laila –by the river at Southbank for Sunday brunch.
 Joel  Baguette restaurant in Ascot.
 Nick  Chinese Garden. 1945 Logan Rd.
 Dave  Ko-ya Korean/Japanese BBQ, Fortitude Valley, Enjoy!
 Dan  Redland Bay Hotel – on the deck.
 Alex  Sono on the Mall. traditional Japanese, beautiful!
 Paul  Sirromet Winery.
 Kuy  Caravanserai – Dornock Terrace, West End.

What are your phobias?

 Rowan  Claustrophobia – as I get bigger the tight places get smaller!
 Andy  Loneliness.
 Al  Snakes don’t really do it for me – ophidiophobia.
 Joel  Snakes. One actually chased me in a roof!
 Nick  I don’t think I have one yet but there is a first for everything.
 Dave  Snakes and needles. OR SNAKES WITH NEEDLES ESPECIALLY!!!
 Dan  Snakes and public speaking, especially speaking about snakes!
 Alex  Hmm, Well I hate skinks, they creep me out crawling through sub floors.
 Paul  Snakes.
 Kuy  Sharks.

When did you last cry?

 Rowan  World Cup Rugby in 2003 & 2007. Not 2011!
 Andy  Boy’s don’t cry.
 Al  In a recent incident involving a lump hammer and my finger…
 Joel  When I realized I was really never going to be a ballet dancer.
 Nick  Birth of my daughter.
 Dave  Birth of my daughter too.
 Dan  No longer capable – tear ducts have rusted dry.
 Alex  On my last day of school (for joy?).
 Paul  Yesterday, Hayfever.
 Kuy  Last Offspring episode.

What is your dream car?

 Rowan  One that runs on rainwater.
 Andy  Row’s idea sounds good but until then – the BMW 5 Series.
 Al  BMW Hydrogen7.
 Joel  Audi RS6  You say excess, I say indulgence.
 Nick  Any kind of Lamborghini.
 Dave  Bugatti Veyron and I will wait for you guys there.
 Dan  Not a car person. One that gets me from A to B.
 Alex  I like a new Audi A6.
 Paul  Valiant Charger.
 Kuy  Jaguar XK140 Roadster (you know the one out of Cruel Intentions).

Beer or wine?

 Rowan  Red wine.
 Andy  When the beers run out bring on the wine.
 Al  If it’s hot, beer; if it’s not, red wine.
 Joel  Beer after a hard day, red wine at night.
 Nick  Beer or wine I’m not fussy.
 Dave  Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, NZ. So fresh and so clean.
 Dan  Both, maybe not at the same time!
 Alex  What beats a cold ale on a hot summer’s afternoon?
 Paul  Pale Ale!
 Kuy  Eeeeek definitely white wine! Beer is gross.

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