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Termites coming out of the wall in Morningside 4170

You know you have a big termite problem when they start to build their nest out of the wall and on to your sofa. This is the situation a homeowner in Morningside Brisbane experienced this weekend. She pulled the sofa away from the wall to clean and found the corner of her lovely three seater covered in termite workings and some very startled termites.

Now, there weren’t any signs of termites in the corner only two weeks ago when the owner pulled the sofa out. It is a scary thing to find this kind of rapid infestation in your home. If they are coming out of the wall, where else are they setting up?


We were able to apply Termidor foam to the affected area and recommend an external chemical treatment. These homeowners were lucky that the termites made themselves evident. It most situations, a lot of structural damage can occur before it become evident to anybody.

Have a look at the below photo to get an idea what kind of damage the termites had done.






If you have any concerns in regards to termites, give us a call now  and we can arrange a time to do a full visual inspection and offer treatment options.

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