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Just when you think you have seen it all…..something comes along to shock you.  Or at least, it did when Joel, one of our North side termite technicians visited a job in Brisbane City recently. Joel was called out to this city pub to help the owners work out where on earth their termite damage was coming from.

The owner called Conquer Termites in when they found what appeared to be termite damage on the top floor of their building. For an inner city building with not a tree in sight, it didn’t seem the typical spot for a large termite infestation. In fact, it seemed almost the last place most would consider to be at risk.

After carrying out a full termite inspection, Joel discovered quite possibly the largest termite nest (inside a structure) that any of us have ever seen.

The species responsible for this infestation is Coptotermes Acinaciformis, a species known for infesting areas that are not usually considered to be vulnerable.  It is the most common species found in inner city infestations.  Australia has even “shared” this species to New Zealand (a country which doesn’t actually have any damaging species of termites native to it).

The owner mentioned to Joel that a couple of months earlier, he had extended his stage. A contractor at the time noticed what he thought could have been a small termite mound. They forgot about it until they found the termite workings upstairs.

Now we’ve mentioned on this site many times that termites are capable of causing a great deal of damage in just a small amount of time. But even so, the size of this nest was stunning to us all.

From tiny mound to monster nest in a few short weeks.


The method for treating such a large infestation can vary depending on the structure, but we have chosen to apply above-ground baiting stations, due to the extensive nature of the workings throughout the structure.

So remember, if you see any sign of live termite workings, don’t ignore them. Call immediately and have your local accredited Termite Inspection team investigate for you. Conquer Termites work all over Brisbane and are happy to offer a free check to anyone concerned about their property. If you think it can wait, go back and take a look at how much that tiny termite nest grew in approximately 3 months.



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