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Termite inspection – Bulimba Brisbane

During an annual warranty inspection in Bulimba, one of our licensed inspectors found a termite nest under an old railway sleeper. Now this brings to light several interesting things. From the the photo you can see some fat white termites. These are the young reproductive termites that will become winged Alates. Normally the Alates take to flight in November and December looking for a mate to start their own colony.

The other lesson from this is that you should not allow any timber to lie on the ground. Termite are constantly foraging just under the ground, randomly seeking timber to feed on. It’s just stupid to place their food on top of them, encouraging them to forage around your home.

We were able to treat the nest at the time of the inspection with the transfer poison – Termidor. If we weren’t doing the annual inspection and didn’t discover this nest then it  would have continued growing in size and ultimately put a lot of pressure on the surrounding homes.

So you now know what to do – Basic rules: 1. Have regular inspections. 2. Don’t have timber on the ground.

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