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Termite Barriers – Albany Creek and The Gap

While we all know that in Queensland (and this is especially true here in North Brisbane), having your home adequately protected against subterranean termites is essential. And for many homes, the best and most efficient method of protection is a Termite Treated Zone – or what most people know as a Termite Barrier.

Having said that though, we’ll be the first to admit that Barriers are an extensive and even invasive procedure. Given the fact that we drill a line of holes extending around your entire home and dig trenches that run parallel, we understand that anticipating that final result can be a cause of anxiety.

One of the most frequent questions we get when we install Termite Treated Zones (usually during the barrier, when the home owner sees the trenches and holes) is “What is this going to look like when you’re finished? Are you going to wreck my house?”  It’s a legitimate concern.  At Conquer Termites we completely understand that your home is likely to be the largest financial investment you ever make, after all – we have homes too. And we would ask similar questions of any trades person doing work on our own houses too.

So let us reassure you. Leaving your home as close to the way we founded as possible is something we pride ourselves in. As you can imagine, drilling through concrete or tiles (and not making a mess of it) can be a big challenge, but it’s one we’re up to.

In the above picture you can see an exposed aggregate driveway that has been drilled, treated and re-sealed. There are actually two drill holes in this photo.  Can you see them? If you know what you’re looking for and have a very sharp eye, you might spot it. But even Joel, our tech who drilled the holes and took the photo has to look hard. (Ed: In fact, he cheated and blew the picture up on his tablet!).

Tiles can be even harder to deal with. The photo below is of an internal section of a home in North Brisbane that has been drilled, treated and then re-sealed. When we deal with tiles, we drill within the grout lines and endeavour to make our work as invisible as possible. We’ve even been known to colour our concrete drill holes to match the existing colour as closely as possible.

There are, in fact approximately 7 holes that have been re-sealed in this photo. (Hint, they are NOT the two darkened lines in the bottom centre of the photo). Let us know on our Facebook page if you can find all seven. Admittedly, we are particularly proud of this one!


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