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Termites out in the open – Carina

We got a call from a stressed homeowner in Carina, Brisbane about the discovery of live termites when he pulled his wine rack away from the wall. What we found upstairs was more stressing. There were actually live termites crawling on his wooden floors boards coming out from the gap between the skirting boards and the floor. Many of the termites were already dead as they had come into contact with the general pest control spray that was applied a couple of months ago for cockroaches and ants. Rowan 31 Dec 2012 001

This behaviour is very unusual as termites normally never go out in the open. They normally contain themselves in tunnels and inside the timbers they are eating. But the homeowners had been away for 10 days on a holiday and closed all the windows and blinds. Being summer the inside of the house would have been warm and humid and very dark – just what termites like.

If you are planning to go away on holidays and don’t want to come back to this kind of stressful discovery, book in an inspected and gain real peace of mind that everything is in good order. Call us now on 3088 2100.

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