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South East Queensland sees increase in Subterranean Termites

It may not come as a surprise to note this, but we as professional termite technicians have definitely seen an increase in active termite infestations in recent years.  And this is due largely to the increase in rainfall.



One of the interesting facts is the increase of a species called Coptotermes.  Traditionally the predominant species in South East Queensland has been Schedorhinotermes, as it is still.  However the increase in Coptotermes infestations is concerning due the seriously destructive capabilities of this termite.  Economically it is the most destructive species, and is located in most areas of mainland Australia.

What you see....

What you see….

What our thermal cameras help us to see…










This species has the ability to isolate itself within the house, provided it has a moisture and food source.  It creates bivouacs (sub-nests) as shown in the photo.  It can have colony sizes often exceeding 500,000 individuals, with the potential of 2 million plus termites. Coptotermes can travel up to 100m from their nest, which is double the distance of most subterranean termites.

Obviously, with this notable increase it is important for homeowners to be particularly alert to any signs of subterranean termite activity. If you have any concerns at all, make sure you contact us on the links or numbers below.


Have a safe Holiday Season and we hope to see you all next year.

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