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Termites under a house in Upper Mt Gravatt

Recently, Dan, one of our senior technicians, found live termites in loose timbers that were stored directly on the soil under a house in Upper Mt Gravatt. Luckily, the termites were only confined to the timbers but it would have only been a matter of time before they bridged up into the house.

This is a lesson for all homeowners to never leave timbers on the ground as it won’t take long for a foraging colony of termites to chance upon it. Always stack/store timbers off the ground. A few bricks or concrete blocks will not stop termites building their mud leads up the side and into the timber. We recommend to build racks under the house to completely suspend the timber off the ground.
If you have just found termites under your house, please don’t disturbed them. Call us on 3088 2100, to arrange a free appraisal to work out the best way to treat them and how to protect your home.

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