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Termite nest coming out of a wall – Yeronga

A video of a termite nest detected in a wall under a house in Yeronga, Brisbane.

The homeowners were unaware that such a large termite nest had located inside a wall under their house. On the outside it was hard to visually detect but immediately became apparent when we used the thermal camera. The surprise came when we walked around to the other side, where it was dark and not access a lot, and found a large amount of termite “mudding’ bulging from the wall lining. On closer inspection, live termites were found active on the out of the mudding. This occasionally happens when it is humid and dark.

Understandably, a huge shock for the homeowners. Luckily, the termites hadn’t caused a lot of damage and hadn’t bridged up into the main structure. If you have found something that you are worried about, as found in the above video, call us now on 3088 2100 to arrange a full inspection with one of our highly trained technicians.

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