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Live Termites Found On A Boat – Manly

Once you have been working in termite control for a while you think that you have a pretty fair grip on where termites are likely to be found and what to do about it. In my experience I find that termites will sometimes turn up in places that you just don’t expect. This thought was backed up recently when I found live termites in a boat! That’s right a boat in the water.

The concerned owner of the boat gave us a call after he found a strange kind of mud inside his boat. I came out to inspect and confirmed with the owner that there were live termites on board. Normally subterranean termites would gain entry in to a structure through their tunnels in the ground. What we believe has happened in this instance is that while swarming termites were in the area a male and female have found each other and conducive conditions on the boat.

It was challenging to inspect the boat as the timbers were encased in fibreglass. But after a thorough inspection we were able to establish the areas affected by termites. This enabled us to proceed with a baiting program to eradicate the colony. Baiting is the ideal colony elimination method for this kind of situation as they readily take the bait back to the nursery and its a very tangible approach as you can see exactly how much they have eaten, making us confident that colony elimination has been successful.

Termites have an amazing ability to establish a nest in any environment as long as they have access to edible timber, moisture and a constant warm temperature. This could be in a boat, on the top floor of a penthouse, in stored furniture and anywhere they feel snug.

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