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Today on an inspection in Dayboro, one of our team members found a variety of signs that active termites were present on all edges of the property.

Termite mudding up a Bunya Pine  

In the first image you can see termite mudding (also known as termite leads) tracking up a huge Bunya Pine tree – the major concern here is that they may have eaten it out making it a safety issue. If it’s been hollowed out from inside there’s a good chance that during the next storm it may come crashing down… not good in this instance since it is within a few metres of the house. We have the option of drilling and placing a borescope inside to determine if this is the case.

The second shot shows wood rot and possible termite damage on the fence. During a pre-purchase pest or building inspection make sure your inspector checks out your fence, your neighbours may just have a termite nest and this can be a sign that they are headed your way in the not too distant future.

Image # 3 – yes, that’s a termite nest riddled with active or live termites. It was attached to a retaining wall about 3m from the home. As you might imagine, that’s a bit of a big concern for most buyers. Hopefully there is a good termite treatment/barrier in place and the tech just needs to spray these termites to reduce the pressure on the barrier. If not, it’s a good idea to get a quote on one during your 7 or 14 days building and pest inspection time.

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