We all enjoy the wonderful lifestyle Queensland South East has to offer – warmer winters and outdoor entertaining with friends and family, to name a few. And a “must have” to maximize that lifestyle is a deck with a six burner BBQ. But sadly, not much consideration to termite proofing, or access for installing a treatment, is invested when the weekend warrior constructs the most useful part of the house.

When a house has a termite infestation, you must treat them inside and then install a chemical treatment into the soil around the base of the house. If you have a deck that has been constructed low to the ground there is no other option put to lift up the deck boards to allow treatment to be applied. If the deck boards have been screwed down, there is a good chance to un-screw the boards. But if the have been nailed, you have to punch the nails all the way through to lift the boards. There is another complication when the boards don’t run parallel to the house. That’s when you have to use a circular saw to cut along a joist.

As a truly professional company, we can offer you this service when installing a treatment around your home. Also, we can offer the option of installing a reticulation system (a pipe to replenish the chemical) or Homeguard sheeting product so that the decking timbers never have to be pulled up again.

Have a look a this photo of a deck we recently treated in Camp Hill. The owner was so happy with the end result he wrote: “My timber deck needed to be raised to allow barrier access. Conquer took care of this matter no problem.. The work was done with absolute precision and Kazuya replaced the deck to tradesperson standard. In fact I think the deck is in many ways in better shape now than it was before. Kazuya’s work is of a very high standard, his attention to detail is impressive and he even cleaned the site for me and left the deck is fantastic shape. Andrew Walls.

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