The team at Conquer Termites wanted to create an original marketing idea that would allow them to express their passion for the work they do and have some fun at the same time. Please follow our journey of recording a company song, dressing up in termite costumes and making a video. It was a hoot – enjoy.

Recording the video at MSIT – action roll!

There is nothing better to bond a team of seven hairy blokes than to dress up in termite costumes and record a video to a catchy song. This is what the Conquer Termites team achieved at the MSIT at Mt Gravatt.

It was a day of “first” for many. First experience to be in a recording studio under lights and with a professional production team. For most, if not all, a first to dress up in a termite costume, helmet and antennae’s included.  A first to act out their ultra-egos to a camera.. And certainly a first for some to have powder applied to their faces.

The day in Time-lapse

There are some big thankyous that need to be said. Firstly, thank you to Glenn for playing the puzzled homeowner in the video. It was a hard part to play as Glenn had to look into a white screen all the time while mayhem occurred in the foreground. Also thank you to Dasha, Glenn’s partner who pushed the music button on cue every time. Another big thank you to Dan’s wife, Denae, who assisted in all manner of things – dabbing the sweat off the foreheads between takes and fixing wardrobe malfunctions. Of course, a lot of appreciation goes to Hiroko for transporting the costumes and bring the wonderful refreshments. A great team effort.

Of course, a big thank goes to Ian and Geoff from VMP (Vision.Media.Post), including Adrian and Mark for making the process smooth and the end product fantastic.

Some photos from inside the studio
Video shoot - Aug 2013 011 Video shoot - Aug 2013 015
Video shoot - Aug 2013 041 Video shoot - Aug 2013 030
 The recording of the Conquer Termites song at Ghostgum Audio Studio

It’s not often that you can wake up on a Sunday morning and know that you will be part of a creative collective and record a fantastic original song. Well, that’s what David Bell, Billy Brewer, Andy Clarkin and Johnny Treacy did today at the Ghostgum Audio studio at Cannon Hill.

David Bell was the creative force that wrote the song and crafted the lyrics, greatly assisted by his brother Billy. The whole process was greatly supported with the top notch set up at the Ghostgum studio and the truly professional mixing by David Quinn.

Check out the boys doing their thing during one of the takes.

More photos from inside the studio
 Billy the twinkling fingers


 David in his own world

David in his own world

 The back up singers – nailed it!

The back up singers - nailed it!

Mr David Quinn doing his magic

Conquer Termites song recording 012

The docile tones of Billy BrewerConquer Termites song recording 017 The team, happy with the end result The team
The final audio recording, have a listen