altrisetRecently Conquer Termites’ customer have been asking about the safety of children, pets and the environment when it comes to getting a termite barrier installed.

Thankfully, it’s an easy question for us to answer – Altriset.

It’s so good we’ve nicknamed it “Ultraset” – The ultra safe, ultra effective, ultra fast option for eliminating termites from your precious home.

SAFE: Altriset is so safe that it is exempt from poisons scheduling and there is no need to wear protective equipment.

EFFECTIVE:  The termites, once affected, transfer Altriset back to the nest and to the other termites effectively eliminating the colony themselves.

FAST:  Altriset acts specifically on termites and stops them feeding on your home within hours.

For more information on Altriset see the official website or check out the flyer.

If you have found live termites or simply want peace of mind, call Conquer Termites now arrange a thorough inspection of your home- phone 3088 2100.