65821-216x300Andy, one of Conquer Termites’ North-side technicians gives a run down on his Altriset Treatment at The Gap recently:

“The reason the customer choose to use Altriset was due to the fact that they had a fish pond close to the house. They wanted to be 100% sure they were using a treatment that was really safe but still extremely effective.”

Andy reports “it was a tough dig but eventually we got right down to the footings. We found Altriset easy to mix and apply. It was tracking through soil is much better than some of the other chemicals on the market, which as a technician gives us added confidence. Altriset really helped achieve a neater finish on the job and one of the really great things is that we didn’t have to use any personal protective gear (PPE) which made the job just that much more efficient. I felt I could get my hands dirty without worrying.”

Peter Ambrose-Pearce, the rep for Altriset (Syngenta) dropped into the job to offer advice on application and the structure of the home as well.

With an Altriset Termite Treatment installed by Conquer Termites, customers can rest easy knowing that they are in safe hands in more ways than one way – safe for your family, pets and home and excellent protection against termites. 

Andy even received a commendation from Peter:

Mate I was truly impressed, you are a good and thorough Tech be proud! Keep up the great workmanship you do a great job for Conquer.

Contact Conquer Termites to find out more about how Altriset can protect your biggest asset – 3088 2100.