To celebrate the imminent nuptials of David Bell, the Conquer team held a golf afternoon at the Bulimba 3 Par Golf Course. Once again class and talent won the day with Kazuya Mizutani taking out the winners trophy. The surprise package was the challenge of Alan Ferguson to push Kazuya to one stroke on the last hole. But as they say, second is the first loser.

The rest of the players battled it out for personal victories and bragging rights.

The award for the best dressed went to Alan Ferguson for his dapper hat and trendy vest. The pond target prize went to Joel, while the best drive to get to the ladies’ tee was snapped up by David Bell.

A mention has to be made about Joel Mitchell. This was his first game of golf (other than video game) and he did not embarrass himself overly. In fact, some of his agricultural shots were quite productive and entertaining.

Talking about agricultural shots, please see the attached photo of Andy Clarkin attempting to lodge his ball out of the bunker. Though you cannot see the ball, he did manage to get it to the lip of the bunker and sunk for only another 6 shots!

But like all good golf days, the best shots were recalled in the 19th hole over some cool beers. Once again, congratulations to Kazuya for retaining the Conquer Termites Trophy.