Sadly, for Homeowners, there are plenty of untruths and conflicting information about termites, what we call “Suburban Myths”. Normally it’s ideas that supports not spending money and probably why so many people readily adopt them.

Suburban Myth No2:

“Tin ant capping stop termites getting into my home”.

No, ant capping {or termite shielding, the terms are used interchangeably} doesn’t stop termites. Ideally, it forces the termites to expose their leads as the go around the tin ant capping or flashing. It is meant to be a “point of detection” not a deterrent.

Originally people would place a bit of tin on top of the wooden stumps before they placed the bearer and joists. Otherwise, termites would eat out the middle of the stump and gain concealed entry into the bearer and up into the house.


Debunk Myth No1:
  • Ant capping {or termite shielding, the terms are used interchangeably} is very common in Queensland homes. In fact, for many, they are a requirement under the State Building Code. As they’ve proved a useful inspection zone. But termite protection methods have drastically moved on and there are far better options available now.
  • Unfortunately, Termite Shields can give home owners a false sense of security, particularly if the home is an older one. It used to be common practice to nail the caps on the pier during construction to keep it on before the timber bearer is placed on top. This isn’t problematic until years later when nail and cap rust, leaving a sizable {and termite-accessible} hole under the bearers
  • Many Homeowners think ant caps are a ‘set and forget’ solution for termite prevention. Termite shielding {you can see an example of ant caps in the video below} is not, in fact a termite deterrent at all. As they are made from materials termites are unable to eat through, they are forced to build mudding trails to get around the barrier and into timber. This allows us a chance to see evidence of their presence before they can do much damage. That’s all!

What should you do?

  • Ensure you can see a 50mm gap continuously under the ant capping that is on ground level to maintain a visual inspection zone
  • If your ant capping is compromised by being covered or concreted over. Get a chemical treatment installed
  • Replace rusted ant capping on top of wooden stumps.
  • Have regular inspections by a qualified, professional Pest Management Team with a trained eye and plenty of experience dealing with termites in South East Queensland. Those inspections can be the key to keeping your biggest investment safe.

If you have any concerns or would like to speak to a professional termite expert, call us now on 3088 2100