What you should ask before getting your home treated for termites

You want to protect your home from termites but you just don’t know really what is the best approach? Mean to say, you’re not the expert and there are so many options and approaches that just confuse your decision.

You might have already have several quotes that vary in price and application. Sadly in the termite treatment industry, price does matter. There is a real and usually not a good reason why some companies offer a significantly cheaper price.

Please feel free to use this check list to help you make the right decision:

  • Is the company licensed through QBCC (Queensland Building Construction Commission)
  • Does the technician coming to do the treatment have a Timber Pest license issued by Queensland Health
  • Are they promising to use a recognised chemical brand: Our recommended chemicals
  • Have they properly measured and are they offering a tailored treatment? Not all homes are the same so a baiting system might be more suitable than chemical.
  • Did they offer you a written treatment proposal to the Australian Standards AS 3660
  • Will they offer a real treatment warranty and follow up service: Conquer’s treatment warranty page
  • Did they offer to do a full termite inspection prior to the treatment? This is compulsory for insurance and a requirement under the Australian Standards. A company installing a treatment cannot use another company’s inspection report.

If you want to engage a company that ticks the above list and really knows what they are doing, call us NOW on 3088 2100