There is no question that effective treatment of termites in some homes can be more difficult than in others. Installing Termite treatments to stop termites moving into your home can take time, effort and sometimes a little careful strategy. Of course it goes without saying that, while Termite Control and regular Pest Inspections are an essential investment into the safety of your home, it doesn’t always come without significant cost.

So with all of that on the line, it’s important to us to inform you, the homeowner or occupier that diligence is required to make sure that the Termite Management System is working just as it is designed to. It is good to form a partnership between the Pest Control company and the homeowner to make sure we can control termites.

Bridging or Breaching of Termite Treatment Systems is relatively easy for termites and if we’re not following some basic steps, it can be done long before you’ve even realised it.

What is Breaching?

Termites can easily breach a termite treatment or barrier if we have for some reason removed soil that was treated with termiticide(we use Termidor but others include Biflex or Premise); or moved a physical(such as ant capping) or physical/chemical barrier (Such as Kordon or our preferred treatment – Homeguard)

What is Bridging?

Termites can bridge a termite barrier by finding a way to create a pathway (usually with their telltale mud shelter tubes) across a termite prevention system. We found the perfect example of this on Brisbane’s north side recently.

We were doing a Pest Inspection in a Chermside home recently and came across this. The picture above was taken in a subfloor, where the ladder was kept under a hatch the homeowner used to access the subfloor. As seen in the photo, there are significant termite workings (mud shelter tubes) on the ladder. This is a good example of the potential bridging of a termite management system. Had the stepladder been only a few centimentres taller, the termites would have had easy access to the housing timbers.

Homeowners need to be careful to avoid making it easy for termites to bridge the termite treatment systems. Taking note of where we store items is an imperative step. Things to watch out for and avoid:

*Timbers, stored items, bricks or tiles stored next to the walls of your home.

*Concrete or brick structures that are built next to the house.

*Timber decks attached to the home.

*Stored items, boxes and any timber/cardboard products in subfloors that are in contact with the flooring.

So, to make sure that the termite management system chosen to protect your house remains effective, be aware of potential bridging spots. Maintain regular inspections with professional termite management technicians and keep a regular eye on your own home.

Don’t forget – for your home’s safety, regular pest inspections are a must. Head over to our Contact Page to arrange one with Conquer Termites Brisbane now.