With the incredible extent of flooding that has occurred in Brisbane we have been receiving many enquiries asking if termites can survive such prolonged flooding.

The answer is – Yes. This is based on the experience and observations in New Orleans after the dramatic floods that affect large areas of the delta in 2006. They found one month after the flood, termites infested structures and debris. They concluded that foraging termites in their tunnels and at the feeding fronts that were flooded didn’t survive. But many nests that were located in trees and stumps were able to regenerate and start to forage immediately after the waters subsided. For more information about the USDA, United States Department of Agriculture, report on this topic, please click this link.

We stress to homeowners in Brisbane that the flooding has greatly elevated the threat of termites. In fact, the threat will increase as the soils around structures are very moist and conducive to foraging termites. Also, current chemical treatments around existing structures might have been compromised if the treated zone has been covered by a layer of untreated soil, allowing termites to bridge over the existing treatment. In the worst case situation, the treated soil might have been moved by the flood waters. We strongly recommend that you have your home accessed by a termite professional to gain advise about the state of your protection. Call us now on Southside -3399 1226 or Northside – 3356 8801.

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