It is reassuring that customers trust your opinion and advise. It is a validation when a TV channel wants to hear what you are saying. And that what happen recently when journalist, Adam Marshall and his crew from Channel 7’s  Today Tonight came out to a house in Boronia Heights that we were treating.Channel 7 - Today Tonight shoot, March 2013 004

This was a great house to have a look at. David Bell, one of our senior technicians, found two large termite nests inside the wall in the garage and lounge when he did the full inspection a couple of weeks prior. On the day of the shoot he cut the wall lining away to expose the nests and to extract the workings, to the horror of the homeowners, Laura & Sharn.

David was able to explain that finding this kind of concealed activity is not uncommon as most homeowners just don’t have the “termite” radar out and really don’t know what to look for. Also, David was able to explain that the three wet summers and the heavy rainfall through January and February has allow termite activity to increase in South-East Queensland.

Channel 7 - Today Tonight shoot, March 2013 005

All homeowners that haven’t had a termite inspection in the last 12 months or their homes do not have a current chemical treatment in place to protect them might be in for a shock like Laura and Sharn experienced. There is no doubts in our minds that more homes in South-East Queensland will be under threat from foraging termites due to the conducive conditions the “wet” has created.

You don’t need to be another homeowner facing the stress of discovering an infestation and the expense of treatments and repairs. Give the “Experts” a call on 3088 2100 to arrange an inspection and advise on a treatment for your home.