Here in Queensland, we are blessed to live in possibly the most beautiful part of the country. With our warm, tropical weather and beautiful surrounds – it really is a wonderful place to own a home and raise a family. With all of that though, comes the increased probability that we will at some point, have to deal with termites trying to build their colonies inside our most valuable possession – our home.  Obviously then, maintaining a current termite treatment plan is essential in the protection of your property. It not only gives us peace of mind, but can be the key to ensuring that these pests don’t cost us thousands of dollars in extensive repairs.

Having a treatment installed in a home, however can seem a little daunting. One of the first questions we are usually asked is “What is it going to look like when it’s finished? Is an invasive termite treatment going to damage the home, and perhaps impact on its value?”  It’s absolutely a valid concern, for most of us, our homes are the most valuable material possession we will ever own. An up-to-date termite management system is a wise investment, essential even. But obviously it’s important that we can trust the professionals to leave our property as neat as they found it.

Probably the key area of concern for most home owners is the paving outside.Removing and re-installing of pavers is a large job that needs to be executed carefully to ensure that your home is left as tidy (if not more so!) than we found it.

Recently, on Brisbane’s North Side, we had a job where we faced monstrous 800 x 800mm pavers, and had to take even more precautions to ensure there was absolutely NO damage done to them. They’re certainly NOT something you want anyone drilling a hole in and possibly cracking. But here at Conquer Termites, this is a job we take  incredibly seriously and we pride ourselves in taking as much care of your property as you would.

This homeowner even provided his own sentries to make sure we did the job right.

The pavers were lifted (ever-so-carefully) and we installed the Termidor and Altis reticultation system. The Termidor has an 8 year warranty and the Altis is designed so that the pavers never need to be re-lifted; the chemical can be topped up from a fill point above ground.

Here, in another Brisbane North-Side job, you can see that even with complicated paving arrangements, we take every care to put things back together perfectly for our home owners.

Here you can see the pavers as we found them, before we started the job.


This is after we lifted them, installing the Termidor and Altis Reticulation System.

During Treatment

Finally, the job when we finished – note that the pavers are put back exactly as we found them.

Job done – as neat as we found it.

So, when you are considering a termite treatment plan, remember – you have the right to expect that Termite Treatment Professionals leave your home the way they found it.  Here at Conquer Termites, we take pride in our work. Trust us to take care of you and your biggest investment.


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