Conquer Termites is a company that prides itself on providing treatment options that are best suited for the structure and the kind of environment it is situated in. Recently we treated the Sales office of Crawford Marine, just off Wynnum Rd, Hemmant. They had a small infestation coming up one steel pier on the corner of the building, which in itself was easy enough to treat with the liquid chemical, Termidor. But devising a plan to treat the whole structure we suggested an approach using both chemical and a sheeting product called Homeguard.

Rowan 5 sept 2013 002

Normally we would suggest a chemical treatment under a suspended floor. But this floor was very low to the ground making access difficult and the ground was very stony, lessening the suitability of using chemicals . The structure was also supported on 75mm steel piers with wide concrete footing. This made it ideal to apply Homeguard Blue sheet by wrapping each pier. “Horses for Courses”

Rowan 5 sept 2013 001

Conquer Termites’ Confined Spaces team (little blokes); David & Aaron on the job.

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