On a beautiful sunny Sunday the Conquer families gathered in New Farm Park for a staff picnic. You could not have had a nicer winter’s day to sit under a large Fig tree to munch on a picnic lunch, play cricket and just catch up.

Conquer Termites' picnic 2013 017

Of course the perpetual cricket challenge between North-side and South-side was competed in the magniloquent manner it is normally held. To the surprise of many, it was a draw with 36 runs scored by both teams. This sadly still allows the North-side to claim the Trophy (that is if we had one). The MVP award was presented to Danae Kemp for her all-round game in the field, and with the ball and bat.

Conquer Termites' picnic 2013 012

But probably the highlight of the day was the first opportunity to have all our new dads together with their beautiful babies. There has been a watershed of babies over the last 16 months, with Andy & Kim starting it with the birth of Emma, then David & Akane having their daughter Archie 8 months ago, followed 5 months later by Nick & Amanda with Olivia and finally Kazuya & Asuka giving birth to a baby boy, Louie only 2 months ago.

Conquer Termites' picnic 2013 041

Great to see!