Conquer Termites was asked to talk about the threat of Termites in the South-East Queensland area on the 12 January, 2016, by Channel 7 News. As a leading Brisbane Pest Control company, Conquer Termites has a reputation to offer trusted professional advice to Homeowners and Media.

Channel 7 News reporter, Damien Hansen, conducted an interview with manager, Rowan Bate, at a property Conquer Termites was treating in Moorooka, Brisbane. It gave Rowan the opportunity to talk about the constant threat of foraging termites.

Rowan Channel 7 News 2016Important messages from Rowan’s interview:
  • Have appropriate protection to stop concealed termite entry – we recommend a non-repellent transfer poison as the best option
  • Get you home inspected by an experienced, licensed inspector every 12 months
  • New structures are vulnerable to an infestation as many Developers only do the minimal requirements for certification
  • Homeowners to be vigilant and check all exposed trim timbers inside the house every 3 months
  • Remove or eliminate all conducive conditions like timber stored on the ground, wet areas near and under the home, grind out old tree stumps.

If you want to talk to Rowan, or contact one of the friendly team members at Conquer Termites, call us now on 3088 2100