Conquer Termites was asked to organize an “information seminar” for the members of Queensland Institute of Architects. Understandably, it is a daunting task to speak to such a well informed and educated group. Conquer Termites was happy to recommend an industry leader, Chris Hill, from Prestige Training, to be the guest speaker. Chris has an amazing ability to deliver a coherent talk about the complex world of compliance in the field of Australian Standards, Building Codes and the QBCC requirements.

IOA seminar July 2015 006

The installation of an appropriate Termite Management System to new constructions is not a straight forward matter. There is not one product or one approach that fits all. Chris talked about the legal requirements Licensed Installers need to meet and how there is confusion with the Designers (Architects) and Builders and other Tradespersons.

Sadly some Builders and large construction companies value the required paperwork more than the quality of the termite protection install. There is a large variance in the quality of work performed in the “Pre-Con” Industry as it has become very “price conscience”. But if you consider that 1 in 5 newly constructed homes will be affected by termites in the South East Queensland within 5 years of construction, causing, on average, $7,000 of damage, you start to understand the importance of termite protection.

Like most industries, Termite Protection is dynamic and developing. New products keep entering the market, allowing more flexibility in the way we can protect different types of structures.

After Chris Hill’s very informative presentation (a hard act to follow), Rowan Bate, from Conquer Termites, gave a brief talk about termite proofing products and how structures should be inspected.

IOA seminar July 2015 007

If you require clarification on the requirements to install an appropriate termite management system and want to talk to an experience licensed professional, please call, us on 3088 2100.