Anniversary logoThe Conquer Termites team with their wives and partners, along with our supporters, celebrated their 10th anniversary with a Gala Dinner at the Quay West Hotel on the 1 November. It was a posh event with all the boys donning suits and ties, accompanied with their beautiful partners dressed in similar splendour.

Though the dress code was formal, the atmosphere was completely relaxed and celebratory.

Team shot


We have a great collection of photos taken of that night avialable on our Facebook:

10th Anniversary photos

It was a milestone worth celebrating. It has only been achieved through many individuals’ hard efforts and dedication to the company’s ethos, of achieving excellence in service and customer care. It is a company that sets standards and allows each member to have pride in what they do for a job. Well done Conquer Termites.


 For the night, Kuy Rider put together a fantastic video presentation of the story of Conquer Termites first 10 years. Please enjoy…