It was the time to be merry and jolly at the annual Conquer Termites Christmas picnic held at Pandanus Beach foreshore, Wynnum. Of course, the usual Secret Santa and sweets bags were disbursed to the eager recipients, nibbles consumed and wine and beers drunk. But probably the most anticipated event was the cricket match between the North side and the South side. Who would get the bragging rights and who would have to sing a Christmas carol at the Tuesday breakfast meeting as the payout for the wager?

It was a keenly contested match that had a complicated form of scoring. The pair of batsmen would face 4 overs, regardless of being bowled or caught. Basically, if you hit the ball too hard and you went over the path or road – you were out and recorded a negative score of 5. If you were bowled or caught out, same thing.Most partnerships recorded a negative total after facing 24 balls.

The eventual winner and grinner’s were the ragamuffin North side team. Well done.

To see the Christmas carol sung by the losers: Click here