Conquer Termites was approached by the Quest Newspaper to contribute to a story about termites. We are always happy to advise and inform homeowners about the unseen dangers of the secretive destroyers of homes.

This was what was written in the article that appeared in the Quests Newspapers throughout Brisbane, November 2011.

“Warm weather doesn’t mean more dips in the pool – it also means more termites and cockroaches around the house.

But while these pint-size pest can cause massive property destruction, Conquer Termites manage Rowan Bate said effective treatments were at hand, including chemical protection. “Clearly and honestly, the most important thing a homeowner can do is ensure they have appropriate protection” Mr Bate said.

For newer homes, typically on a concrete base, he said chemical protection was particularly beneficial, costing about $3000 for an average-size house and lasting up to 10 years.”  November 2011

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