When you engage a specialist to inspect your home for termites you really hope he is skillful in finding them. But there is another important side to doing an inspection and that is writing a timber pest inspection report and treatment proposal. You want to know the outcomes and recommendations have been written to the highest standard for your peace of mind and so you can make sound decisions.

Conquer Termites understands the need to achieve high standards with their reports. That is why we ran a day seminar on 2 August 2012 with Rapid Solutions Technician Officers Peter Brigden and Keith Farrow. Both Peter and Keith were able to offer excellent guidance and advice on how to write an effective and helpful report to give you, the homeowner.

We understand that continual training is part of providing excellent service. We are committed to provide the highest standard of service.

Conquer Termite also takes pride in providing a readable report that is designed with the customer in mind, not the insurance company. Conquer Termites report is not the typical “tick & flick” report that is commonly used in the industry. It is a well designed 21 pages report commenting on conducive conditions, evidence of termites and treatment recommendations. To enhance your understanding, we inserted digital photos to help illustrate situations and areas of concern.

If you want to benefit from technicians that “know their stuff” contact us now to arrange your inspection.