Conquer Termites had the pleasure of being one of the major sponsors of the “Richest Swim Race in Australia” held at the Clem Jones Centre at Carina in November this year.

The Carina Leagues CJ Swim Club holds an annual swim carnival which attracts more than 400 swimmers. It is regarded as one of the most enjoyable carnivals on the Brisbane swim calendar. This year the Swim Club decided to offer over $4,000 in prize money to be split between a men’s and women’s 50 metre freestyle race. Eight Olympic swimmers attended, making it the most competitive outdoor race in Queensland this year.

Winners and their record times

First: Richardson, Kyle 23.19. Second: Callus, Ash 23.39. Third: Kerswell, Luke  24.09

First: Campbell, Cate 25.43 Second: Campbell, Bronte 25.74 Third: Trickett, Libby 25.82

But the most satisfying thing for Conquer Termites to be associated with CJ’s Swim Club carnival was the enthusiastic swims from all the younger swimmers trying to emulate the feats of their idols in the Dash for Cash. It is great to be associated with an event that strives for participation and excellence.