Conquer Termites has steadily grown from one technician in 2004 to eight now servicing the Great Brisbane area. Every technician that has joint the team has brought their own knowledge set, but all have contributed a willing drive to make Conquer Termites one of Queensland’s leaders in the industry.

Alex profile photoConquer Termites management is always looking for the right person to join the highly functioning team. Our first criteria in selection is the right attitude and presentation. Because Conquer Termites has experienced senior technicians to train and mentor new staff, we know we will achieve the best of both worlds.

We welcome Alex Koklas as the latest addition to the team. Alex comes with a solid background in customer service as a carpet cleaner and pest controller. Alex has a driving ambition to be a Timber Pest Inspector and has completed all his prerequisite competency units to gain his license.

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At the moment, Alex is going through all the excitement of learning how to find termites and the how to eradicate the little pesties. At Conquer Termites Alex has been paired with two fantastic mentors in Dan Kemp and David Bell. These two senior technicians not only have vast experience but also a natural empathy to coach a new tech. Alex understands that he has been given a rare opportunity for a new entrant to be taught the right and proper ways to do the job.

Alex’s weekly blogs

Follow Alex’s journey as he goes through his training to become a fully qualified technician in his weekly blogs. Gain an insight in what it takes to become an expert that can give homeowners real solutions in protecting their biggest investment from termites.