Video-shoot-Aug-2013-011The Conquer Termites team are gearing up for a couple of days of movie making again!

This time we want to take the time out to explain exactly how we do our job from start to finish (termite inspections and termite treatments) so that you know what to expect and even what to look for yourself.

In our clips we will explain:

* The tools of the job – Moisture Meter, Termatrac, Borescope, & Thermal Imaging Camera.

* How we use these tools in and around your home – see our latest blog on the trusty tapper.

* What we look for when inspecting.

*  The external perimeter garden check.

* Roof voids and sub-floors.

* Diamond cutting your tiles for the best finish.

If you missed our last video – here it is.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled – the videos will be coming to our website soon!