While doing an inspection of a property in Mt Gravatt East, Brisbane, one of our senior technicians, David Bell, discovers a termite nest on top of an old tree stump and then uncovers live termites in a Gum tree by drilling some test holes. See the termites defend the holes that were drilled into the tree trunk and watch how aggressive termites will defend their nest in the below video.

In the Brisbane area, most large eucalyptus trees will harbour a termite nest. In South-East Queensland you’ll commonly find termite nests in the crown (base) of the tree. From there they will eat the centre of the trunk and “flute” their way to the higher branches.

One unknown fact is that damage from a fallen tree to your home, or your neighbours house, is not covered by insurance if it has been affected by termites. That is why we strongly recommend that all large trees on your property are regularly checked by drilling several small holes to detect if there is a cavity caused by termites. If you have this worry, give us a call now on 3088 2100


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