Throughout my training period with Conquer Termites Northside I have been grateful in receiving a thorough understanding of a “secretive society”. “What is he talking about” I hear you ask… Termites, of course.  I have not only been astounded to discover the sneaky concealed entry points of the termites operations in Queensland homes but of the amount of significant structural damage they can cause in short periods of time and of course the importance of termite treatments and application of preventive measures to be had. Originating from a building background myself  I have found these little guys to be innovators in building and design and couldn’t help but share a comparison. Below are two examples of  modern technology, ancient wisdom and inspiration from nature.

Termite workings and structure

An astonishing structure in size and complexity, through a network of tunnels and shafts termites are able to maintain the core temperature inside a mound at a constant 32º C. An organic temperature control system.


Inspired by Natures Design

The Eastgate Centre, largely made of concrete, has a ventilation system which operates in a similar way. Outside air that is drawn in is either warmed or cooled by the building mass depending on which is hotter, the building concrete or the air. It is then vented into the building’s floors and offices before exiting via chimneys at the top. The complex also consists of two buildings side by side that are separated by an open space that is covered by glass and open to the local breezes.

Termites are masterminds, they find access into homes in places where you can not fathom. It’s really important to get the upper hand with these guys, so give Conquer Termites a call to show you how you can solve these common questions: I’ve found termites in my garden, what should I do? What can I do if I find flying termites in my house? How do you treat termites? and many more. Our friendly staff will most likely give you the answers and can schedule one of our knowledgeable techs to come out and check the problem for you. Call us on 30882100 or email: