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Self Calculation

Self-Calculations for a treatment around your home

This page provides information that will enable you to work out a “Ball-Park” figure for the cost of a chemical treatment of your home. It also outlines the cost per year break down which you should regard as an annual insurance against termites.

There are many considerations involved when pricing a chemical treatment. But, if you want a simple guide, get your measuring tape and do your own calculations using our Treatment Calculation Table below.

Calculation Steps

1. MeasureMeasure in lineal meters the perimeter of your home and outbuildings. The measurement should be taken not more than 150mm from the wall. Also count the number of posts that are attached to the structure/s.

2. Choice of Chemical

  • Termidor – Transfer poison, designed to kill termites
  • Biflex – Repellent poison , designed to form a treated zone to prevent termites entering your home

Please see our chemicals page for more information

3. Treatment Calculation Table

To calculate an approximate cost for treatment of your property, simply enter the figures identified in Step 1 above into the relevant fields in the calculator below, and choose the type of treatment you prefer.


# of



Chemical Life


Cost per Year

The calculations above should be regarded as only indicative of a treatment in normal conditions.

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