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What do Termite (White Ants) look like?

Ever wondered what termites look like? It’s not as if they are out in the open and commonly seen. In fact, they always operate in a concealed manner, travelling through their constructed tunnels in the ground.

Termite Castes















Below is a brilliant video that clearly displays all the castes of Termites found in a colony. Alates (winged reproductive termite), Soldiers, Workers and Nymphs (baby termites).

Difference between Termites and Black Ants

Many Homeowners get confused when trying to identifying the difference between Black Ants and Termites. If fact, people mistakenly refer to termites as “White Ants”. It’s understandable, they sort of look the same. Have six legs, antennas and operate within a colony. But they are not the same insect. They are completely different in body shape and behaviour.






What are the Signs of Termites? What sounds do Termites make? Termite Inspection Info

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