Conquer Termites prides itself on having the most trained technicians in the Brisbane area, so you, the homeowner, has complete confidence that the service you receive is the best possible.

To achieve this outcome, Conquer Termites has invested time and money to bring Australia’s leading termite expert, Dr Don Ewart to speak at its 2013 workshop seminar. Dr Don is well known throughout the industry as an expert in termite entomology and as a problem solver for really tricky situations that normally end up in court. Please check Dr Don’s website for some independent expert information about termites:

Conquer Termites' team with Dr Don

It is important that you can trust the advice and recommendations the inspector you have hired is giving you. Sadly, in our industry, you can find three inspectors giving you five opinions! Do they know the type of termite attacking your home? Do they know the foraging habits and the best method to treat them? Why would you trust a company that doesn’t equip their most valuable assess – their staff, with the right knowledge?

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