At Conquer Termites we specialize in identifying the type of termites that might be attacking your home. This is important to implement the most appropriate treatment. We would normally identify the type of subterranean termite from it’s solider caste. They are quite distinctive by head shape and colour – when you know what to look for.

When it comes to identifying Dry-wood termites we have to use a completely different method. We identify the types of dry-wood termites from their “frass” shape. Frass is a polite why to say termite poo! In the Dry-wood termites effort to extract the maximum amount of water out of their excrement before they discharge, they squeeze it and create a distinctive shape. The expression of “shitting bricks” is very true for Dry-wood termites. See attached photo.

It is important to correctly identify what type of Dry-wood termite is attacking the timbers in your home, specially if we identify the West Indian Dry-wood termites. The West Indian Dry-wood termites were introduced to Australia and can cause significant damage to structural timbers. Most of the other types of Dry-wood termites are native and cause insignificant structural damage.

At Conquer Termites we have a digital microscope that can magnify up to X600. If we cannot identify the type of frass, we will email the photo onto the department of DEEDI where they have the expertize to complete the identification. If you have got concerns there is an area in your home affected by Dry-wood termites, contact us now to gain the peace of mind that you are using a company that is equipped to help you.