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A concerned home owner called Conquer Termites today,  suspecting that the peeling timber on one of her veranda posts may have been caused by termites, wondering how extensive the damage might be. We understand it is very distressing to come across termite activity, but luckily Conquer Termites can be there in a flash, to put your mind at ease.

Identification of the species of termites is a specialist task. Rowan, a Conquer Termites’ experienced technician, quickly analysed the frass (small coloured droppings), the extent of damage and the live termites in the post to reveal to the home owner that the damage was being caused by Drywood termites.

Drywood termites are native and tend to colonise with only about 200 individuals, which means the extent of damage can be less than that of a Subterranean termite. Nevertheless, as this home owner would agree it is extremely important to have an annual termite inspection and to ensure that your home is protected by a termite treatment.

photo 1 Make sure you check your home and surrounds for the following:

* Peeling timber

* Soft spots in timber skirting boards

* Nests in your garden or yard

* Tree stumps that seem to be hollowed out or dry/flaky

* Mudding around your home or garage

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