Recently we were asked to inspect a property in Mount Cotton, on the outskirts of Brisbane, where there was a suspicion of termites in the downstairs bedroom. Two pervious companies had done recent inspections. One had found termite damage in a skirting board but no confirmation of live termites in the structure.

This blog is not about bagging other companies but rather to reassure our customers the high quality of inspections they will receive when they engage Conquer Termites. Good training and thoroughness are the most important aspect when you select a company to check your home. But equally, the type and quality of inspection devises they employ is also essential.

All our technicians are equipped with Flir E50 Thermal Cameras and have access to the Termitrac devise. Once again, with good training and thoroughness, these devises are a powerful tool in the detection of termites. Check the video below to see how they work.

Please check our inspection video for more detailed information.

If you are worried about an issue with termites, or just want a thorough inspection, call us now on 3380 2100