flySummer is here, and so are the flies! Are you tired of swatting them away whilst cursing their existence? Well curse no more, Conquer Termites are here to save the day!

How flies are bad for us…

  • Carry disease
  • Infest meat and other food items
  • Spread food poisoning bacteria like Salmonella

Different types of flies…

  • House fly – most common, major carrier of disease, attracted to all types of food, once indoors found resting on walls & ceilings, or can be found anywhere outdoors.
  • Fruit fly – infesting fruit, found in vegetable plots or fruit orchards.
  • Horse fly – mostly active during the day, capable of biting humans, mouths like minature knives (ouch!).
  • Blue Bottle fly – mainly found hovering over dust bins, attracted to pet faeces and dead animals.
  • Cluster fly – found in quiet, undisturbed parts of your home such as attics and wall voids, attracted to light, often around the window during the day.

How to get rid of flies in your home (DIY)…

Did you know that a single house fly can carry up to a million different types of bacteria on them at any one point!”

If fruit flies are your problem try this:

Fly feeding on tomato

Get: apple cider vinegar, glass jar & a funnel

Instructions: heat apple cider vinegar in microwave, make holes in lid of jar (big enough to let flies in), fill jar with warmed apple cider vinegar, place lid with holes on over this, then place the funnel on the mouth of the jar with the narrow side inside the jar. Let it sit for a day, flies will get attracted to the smell, once inside they will be trapped, and they cannot figure out how to get out through the same hole.

If house flies are your problem try this:

House fly Ensure:

  • Dirty dishes are washed immediately
  • Pet food/bowls are cleaned and stored away
  • Remove rubbish from your inside bins regularly
  • Move large bins away from house and make sure lids are sealed
  • Install and check fly screens, repair damaged screens

Try making your own fly trap as per above, it works well for both types of flies.

How can pest control help? …

First your pest controller will access your situation, then discuss general house keeping and hygiene to prevent any further escalation of the problem, formulate a treatment plan specific to your home which may consist of a combination of baits, dusting powders, sprays, fogs, and electronic fly killers, then suggest ways to maintain the treatment (integrated pest management).

If you have any questions, call your LOCAL – TRUSTED – PROVEN pest control company – Conquer Termites on 07 3088 2100 or or SMS 0433 257 237.