Conquer Termites have had a number of phone calls today regarding sightings of flying ants in Brisbane – We’ve had calls from Kenmore, The Gap, Salisbury and Ipswich.

Importantly, theretermite-10a is no need to be alarmed. It is the season for swarming termites and we’ve had some humidity lately and heavy rain overnight which means an increase in activity – it’s completely normal to see these flying termites or alates in South East Queensland from October – March, depending on the weather conditions.

Your best bet is to check your home to see if they are landing in a particular area or coming and going from brick work or timbers. If this is the case, give us a call to carry out our Free 30 Minute Live Termite Check or better yet, if you haven’t had a full termite inspection in the past 12 months, book in today and we will give you back your peace of mind by conducting a thorough investigation of your home and surrounds, including your roof void and sub-floor (common areas where termites are concealed).

To book now, contact us on 3088 2100 or email