We say to all of our customers that the best way to protect your home from a termite infestation is to have a current chemical treatment in place. This became strikingly apparent when we were installing a chemical treatment around a house on Thynne Rd, Morningside. The homeowners requested a treatment for peace of mind. They didn’t think they had termites but they knew that the previous chemical treatment had expired.

It turned out to be a very good decision. When conducting the free termite inspection before the treatment was installed, David, one of our technicians, found live termites in the front rooms of the house. It wasn’t long before the the team dug a trench along the front perimeter and found a concealed termite lead travelling into the structure.  We treated the termites in the house and installed a chemical treatment using the transfer termiticide, Termidor.

Don’t leave it until the last minute with your home. Even though you might think you don’t have termites, they could be infesting and damaging your valuable home in a completely concealed manner.

For a free half hour termite check, if you live in Brisbane’s northern suburbs, call Conquer Termites North Side on  3356 8801. For those on Brisbane’s south, call Rowan on  3399 1226 and our newest franchise (more about this on Monday!), in Brisbane’s South Central suburbs, call Nick on 3343 3934.

You can be assured that all of Conquer Termite Brisbane’s technicians know just what they’re looking for and can help you keep your home safe.