Unseasonal high rainfalls over the last week of January 2013 have caused flooding and damage to many homes throughout Queensland. Our office in Carina, Brisbane, was a casualty

with soggy carpets and a power cut. To put things into perspective, the mean max rainfall in Brisbane for the month of January is usually 160mm (Australian Bureau of Meteorology). The rainfall recorded in Alderley, Brisbane over the last week of January 2013 was 394mm and totals of over 800mm were recorded up North.

This big “wet” was prolonged and constant over 3 days, giving the soil a real soaking, to the point of 100% runoff. The abundance of this kind of moisture means it will penetrate deep down and will provide conducive conditions for the termites to forage. After temperature, the availability of moisture is the most significant factor to affect termites (White Ants). They need moisture all the time to help them process the timber in their gut to sugars and to build their tunnels.

By experience we know there will be an increase in infestations throughout Brisbane in 3 months time due to termites being able to forage more aggressively and successfully.

Don’t you become a casualty of this fresh wave of termites about to hit Brisbane. Get your place inspected and ensure you have a current chemical treatment in place. Call us NOW on 3088 2100.