When our technicians do an inspection for termites (White Ants) they use various devises to assist them in discovering termite activity. One tool that they greatly value is the Thermal camera. Conquer Termites embraces any legitimate technology that enables a more thorough inspection of your home. That is why we have made the investment to equip all of our Inspectors with a Flir e50 Thermal Imaging camera. You can be reassured that when you get you home inspected by one of our professional and fully licensed inspectors, they’ll turn up with a thermal camera that can really tell you what is happening in your walls and areas of concern.

The technology of thermal imaging allows us to pick up variance in surface temperature which could suggest to an experience inspector an area of termite activity. The Flir e50 cameras have the ability to detect thermal variance to <0.05 degrees celsius using a 320×240 pixel resolution.

But as they say “pictures are better than word”.  Please have a watch of the below video to understand how useful an inspection using a thermal camera can be in your home.