Queensland Health send out regular updates to the pest managers in South East Queensland keeping them informed of the latest changes in products, laws and trends in the pest control industry. Although generally designed for pest controllers the newsletter contains good information for consumers too. Having juQhealthlogost read through the August 2015 update I found myself wanting to tell my friends and family some of the key points.

* Unregistered or suspect pesticides & Manufacture and supply of pesticides

* Pest control advice notice &  License management

In essence, the newsletter was pointing out that all pest control managers should use registered pesticides when carrying out termite and pest control treatments. Recently there has been a trend for some companies to use no name or generic brands that have been made cheaper than the original by using low quality substitutes, some of these can be unlicensed or unregistered in Australia and may do more harm than good.

NB to the home owner: Check with your pest controller before he does your treatment which product he is using, make sure it’s not a generic version and it’s the product they tell you they are using. Eg. Termidor rather than another chemical that contains Fipronil (the active ingredient in Termidor).

Pest Control License

Another point that was made is that there are some pest control managers who are continuing to operate regardless of their license being expired or at times, not having a license at all.  Generally, they will not provide any evidence of the treatment and or inspection (a report) – meaning that you do not have a record. This could mean that any warranties they are providing would be void and the treatment may not be legitimate.

NB to the home owner: Ask to see the pest controller’s license before they perform your termite and or pest control treatment. Ensure that they provide you with a full report for a termite inspection, a certificate of treatment if they perform works such as a treatment zone or barrier and/or a pest control advice notice for any general pest control treatments (for pests such as ants, spiders, cockroaches etc).

Further to this, I always like to make sure that the pest controller has been accredited with the products they are using – this means they have had training in the application/use of this particular chemical (Eg. they know how to use it properly and they will give the best treatment possible). Check that they offer company warranties and/or warranties from the products manufacture (which is often the case – Eg. The Termidor $2 million dollar warranty) too.Termidor Accreditation

So finally, the best way to choose a pest controller for your home or investment property in my opinion is to ensure that they are fully accredited, fully licensed, carry insurances (such as Timber Secure), use genuine pest control products and put your safety first!

If you’re looking for a company that you can trust to tick all of the above boxes give Conquer Termites a call on 07 3088 2100 or head to our contact page to find the technician in your area.