The Golden Rule to ensure your home isn’t attacked by termites (White Ants) is to have a current chemical treatment in place. But for many homeowners in South East Queensland there is a lot of confusion about when the treatment was last done and how long it will last.

Many homeowners think that when they had their homes treated with “Old strong stuff” (Organochlorines) it would last for 35 to 40 years. This is an urban myth along with the idea that these type of chemicals are better.  The manufacturer of the Organochlorines, Shell, stated that these chemicals were only recommended to protect homes for 20 years after their Australian field trials started to fail. Then Organochlorine chemicals were withdrawn from the schedule of termiticide in 1995 due to health reasons.  This means that all houses treated with Organochlorines (Heptachlor, DDT and Chlordane) have now expired.

After 1995, professional Pest Control companies only had Organophosphorus chemicals, such as Chlorpyrifos, Dichlorvos, Diazinon, which only had a maximum recommended life of 10 years. Likewise with the revolutionary Synthetic Pyrethroids, Bifenthrin, at it’s strongest application rate it would only be recommended to last for 10 years.

Now with the Non-repellentant transfer poisons, Fipronil (Termidor), Imidacloprid (Premise) and the more recent Chlorantraniliprole (Altriset) there is a shorter recommended life span

  • Termidor – 8 years
  • Premise – 5 years
  • Altriset – 6 years * to be increased to 8 years on approval
How can you find out if your treatment is current and how long will it last?

When a chemical treatment is completed, the licensed operator should issue a 3 page Certificate of Treatment. This states what chemical was used, the volume and a mud map of where it was applied around your home. If you don’t have this information, you should be able to check inside the electrical meter box on the outside of your home to find the “Durable Treatment Label” that states when a treatment was done, what chemical was used and when it will expire.

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If you are uncertain or confused if your home has the appropriate level of protection, call us now on 3088 2100 to arrange a free consultation. We’ll come out and assess your home to provide a treatment proposal that clearly lists all the options we believe would best suite your home. It’s just not worth the risk to do nothing!