Termidor bottle & box & HANDSome of our customers ask if they need to top up their chemical treatments and if so, how often? Recently, new customers have been telling us that their previous pest control company recommended an annual top up. This is ridiculous and ripping off the homeowners that don’t know better!

Yes, chemical treatments do require replenishment, but the normal period of replenishment is between 5 to 10 years. Never one year.

How often they need to be replenished depends on the chemical that is being used. The manufacturer provides a recommended replenishment cycle, and if the label is followed correctly then the chemical should last the time specified on the bottle. For example, Termidor lasts up to 8 years and Altriset, lasts up to 5 years. Biflex can be up to 10 years.

As a home owner who can you trust? You need to know that your pest controller is being up front with you. Sadly in our industry there are some operators that just don’t know or purposely mislead you. How can you check the chemical you are paying for is being applied in the correct manner and to the manufacturer’s recommendations? If you are unsure, ask to see the application instructions on the bottle of the chemical being used (just peel back the label – see image). The pest controller is strictly required to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and application ratios. 

If you’re not completely confident you can always call the manufacturer such as BASF (Termidor), FMC (Biflex) or Syngenta (Altriset) and they will give you the information you need. It is important to have annual inspections, otherwise, your pest controller should contact you on or around the anniversary date of the original treatment, based on the manufactures guidelines to arrange for the top up treatment to be carried out.

Here at Conquer Termites we pride ourselves on being honest and reliable in our efforts to help you, our customers, make the most informed decision about your termite & pest control needs.

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