Are you unhappy with your current pest or termite control company? Or would you like a second opinion? Are you thinking of changing for improved quality, peace of mind and transparent pricing? Do you want to know how to select a better option?

Here are the top 3 things you should look out for when choosing a pest control company:

  1. How long has the pest control company been around?

It may sound obvious, but a company that has been around longer will have more much experience. Check their website or Facebook page or ask them what their experience is, particularly if you have very specific issues that they need to handle. Make sure they have encountered your specific pest issue or at least similar in the past and are able to explain to you how they intend to remedy it.

Weighing up options

  1. Do they have a good reputation?

In this industry especially, it is a wise move to align yourself with a reputable company who you can trust, so check the company’s credibility through their testimonials page, Facebook & Google reviews. Be wary if they do not have any information about their history or their structure on their website. Can you find your technician on their website? Look for companies where you can plainly see who is in charge and who will be looking after your work. Be wary of faceless company websites that may over promise and under deliver.

Reviews & Testimonials

  1. How much will the work cost?

Carefully consider and evaluate how the company will provide their services in relation to their pricing. Is it good value for money? Do they go into specifics about the work they will do? Do they provide the necessary paperwork? Are they willing to spend more time on the job if it is necessary (and at no additional charge)? Look for hidden costs. Ask your company for sample reports and certificates to check that the outcome is what you need. Ask them for a rundown of the processes they have in place.

It’s important to choose a company who you know you will be able to trust. The outcome of the inspection, treatment or pest control should be explained in detail so you know what to expect.

It’s often hard to know whether you are comparing apples with apples unless you ask a lot of questions.  The bottom line is: Be prepared and you will be rewarded.

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